In order to contribute to the social science knowledge base, our research data has been used to support and further the higher education of graduate students in multiple disciplines. All research is done in compliance with necessary university research protocols to ensure proper use of the data collected by the IOE. The following is a brief listing of doctoral dissertation which illustrates various research topics. Links to abstracts or full text are provided when available.

Social Capital in Human Service/Child Welfare Organizations: Implications for Work Motivation, Job Satisfaction, Innovation, and QualitySalvador Montana MaciasPDF
The Effect of Empowerment on Burnout of Female Employees in Health and Human Service Organizations in the State of TexasYeojin LeePDF
Child Welfare Supervisor Retention: An Exploratory Study of Personal and Organizational ResilienceAngela Rachelle AusbrooksPDF
Communicating your Participation at Work. An Exploration of Participation Types, Communication Behaviors, Organization Commitment and SatisfactionChristine E. CooperPDF
The Effects of Employment Development and Other Factors on Job Satisfaction, Intention to Stay and Among Staff Employees at Four Year, Public Universities Located in TexasFloyd QuinnPDF
Employee Perceptions of Organizational Quality and Learned Helplessness Attributes in Higher Education.Noel G. Landuytunavailable
Information Technology Impacts on Organizational Effectiveness in Human Service OrganizationsChih-Chung D. Huangunavailable
The Role of Followers in the Continuity of Change in Public Sector OrganizationsJeannie J. Weaverunavailable
An Understanding of the Capabilities and Limitations of Technology-Based Solutions to Child Protective Services: Using Knowledge-Based and Process-Oriented Mediation ModelKyeonghee Jangunavailable
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